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Beijing National Stadium / KONE Elevator

Beijing CCTV Tower / Schindler Elevator

Beijin Capital Museum / Otis Elevator

Guangzhou New TV Tower
Xizi Otis Elevator

Shanghai Oriental Pearl
U.S. Otis Elevator

Qindao CCTV Tower
Otis Elevator

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Beijing Chaoyang Gate Building
Kone Elevator

China Yangtze Three Gorges Project Corporation ( Yichang )
Otis Elevator

Guangzhou Asian Games Swimming Building/ KONE Elevator

Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal
Kone Elevator

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport / KONE Elevator

Hangzhou Leifeng Pagoda Xizi Otis Elevator

Zhejiang Provincial People's Government / Mitsubishi Elevator

浙 Jiangsu Provincial Higher People's Court
Hitachi Elevator

Hunan Provincial Government / Mitsubishi Elevator

Ningbo Municipal People's Government Office Building
Otis Elevator

China Minsheng Bank Building
Otis Elevator

China Petroleum and Chemical Branch
Otis Elevator

Yuyao Municipal People's Government / Tianjin Otis Elevator

Shanghai Pudong International Airport
U.S. Otis Elevator
Shenzhen Railway Station / LG Elevator

Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center / KONE Elevator

Dongguan Grand Theatre / Tianjin Otis Elevator Shanghai East China Electric Power Bureau / Toshiba Elevator

Quanzhou Telecom Building / China Fujitec Elevator

Shanghai National Development Bank Building
U.S. Otis Elevator

Hangzhou Branch of China Construction Bank
U.S Montgomery Elevator

Xihu District People's Court
Xizi Otis

Wenzhou Branch of China Construction Bank
U.S. Otis Elevator
Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration / Tianjin Otis Elevator

China CITIC Bank Beijing / Tianjin Otis Elevator

Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics / KONE Elevator

Xiamen Great Hall / Otis Elevator

Hefei Intermediate People's Court
/ Otis Elevator

Wuhan University of Science / Toshiba Elevator

Shenzhen Baoan Airport / KONE Elevator

Shanghai Urban Construction Design Institute / Otis Elevator

Shanghai Post Museum / Otis Elevator

Hubei University of Technology / Toshiba Elevator

Beijing Xinhua Insurance / Otis Elevator

Qinshan Electricity Power/ Otis Elevator

Merchants Bank Nanjing Branch / Otis Elevator

Communist Youth League Central / West Otis Elevator
Beijing Municipal Office Building / Xizi Otis
China Architecture Design Institute / KONE Elevator
China Datang Group / Schindler Elevator
Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Computer / KONE Elevator
Beijing Architectural Design Institute / Shanghai Desheng meters lift
Beijing CITIC Bank / Otis Elevator
Beijing ICBC Peony Card Center / Mitsubishi Elevator
Beijing People's Liberation Army Opera House / Capital Elevator
People's Government of Luwan District Shanghai / Tianjin Otis Elevator
Luwan District Public Security Bureau / Tianjin Otis Elevator
Law Building, Huangpu District Shanghai / Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator
Shanghai Zhabei District People's Government / Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator
Shanghai East Asia Bank / Thyssen Elevator
Shanghai Traffic Police Building / Schindler Elevator
Shanghai traffic police corps / Schindler Elevator
Shanghai Information Building / Otis Elevator
Shanghai Medical University / Tianjin Otis Elevator
Guangzhou Health Bureau / Otis Elevator
Guangzhou CDPF / Otis Elevator
Nanchang IRS / Xizi Otis Elevator

Zhejiang Bureau of Cultural Relics / Tianjin Otis Elevator
Zhejiang Mineral Science and Technology Building / Quick Elevator
Zhejiang IRS / Hitachi Elevator
Agricultural Bank of China Zhejiang Branch / Otis Elevator
Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport / Otis Elevator
Hangzhou Yuhang District People's Court / Hitachi Elevator
Jiangdong district of Ningbo People's Government / Guangzhou Hitachi Elevator
Beilun District of Ningbo People's Government / Thyssen Elevator
Ningbo Yinzhou District Public Security Bureau / Thyssen Elevator
The People's Bank of Ningbo / Otis Elevator
Ningbo City Women's Federation / Schindler Elevator
Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Building / Schindler Elevator
Ningbo Caishui Ju / Thyssen Elevator
Shaoxing Municipal People's Government / Otis Elevator
Ningbo Branch of China Construction Bank / U.S. Otis Elevator
Handan branch of the People's Bank of China / Otis Elevator
Hefei Finance Bureau / Tianjin Otis Elevator
Rugao City, Jiangsu People's Government / Otis Elevator
Suzhou People's University International College / KONE Elevator
Harbin Electric Power Bureau Building / Mitsubishi Elevator
Hubei Hanyang defense Park / KONE Elevator

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