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Elevator Air Conditioner

Product Introduction :
Elevator Air Conditioner

  One of the many benefits of installing an elevator aircon is the clean air that it provides. If air is sucked from the elevator’s shaft straight into the car using a fan, the air sucked into the car may be filled with dust mites, germs and bacteria. With an elevator aircon, air provided is much cleaner because the cold air is the same air that comes from the car itself. Not only that, the cold air that is produced from the aircon also goes through a layer of filter. This filtration removes particles that are harmful to the human body. Air conditioner poses a problem to elevators because of the condensation that occures. The condensed water produced has to be disposed of,but it could been piped directly into the shaft, otherwise it would create flooding in the elevator bottom pit. Heshan elevator aircon water dealing system provide the best solution by spraying the condensered water to the back condenser to evaporate condensed water quickly and the system proved to be efficient and safe for whole aircon life span.

“Heshan” Elevator Air Conditioner Main Feature

No Water Drop
No electricity heating in vaporizing the condensation water, safe and electricity saving; Mutiple protection from water spilling over; Efficient heat-insulation soft duct, ensuring no frost on the surface; High quality anti-rust bottom water pan.

Low Noise
Panasonic or toshiba compressor;Damping material , absorb vibration.

Efficient and Energy Saving
Highly efficient compressor,advanced heat exchanger technology; Increased air flow design, dual cooling to refrigerant; Overall system optimization to national energy conservation standards.
Healthy and Environment Harmony
Efficient mildew proof screen, clearing dust;High-quality cold medium, removing harmful gas ;Negative oxygen ion, elevator car air purification and sterilization (optional).
Convenient Use
The on/off time program controlled;Start the air condition only once for the whole summer or winter; Remote control in the elevator car; Atuo resume after electricity black out;

Authorized Certificate
Guangzhou Household Appliances Test Center, Electromagnetism Compatible Test, Report NO.: 005-CG2004-0113-E;005-CG2007-1222-E; China Ceprei Laboratory, CE-LVD Certified Certificate NO.: EU 02 031635 01; EU 02 031635 03; China Ceprei Laboratory, CE-EMC, Certificate NO.: EU 01 031635 02; EU 01 031635 04; China Quality Certified Center , ISO9001 ∶ 2008 Quality Management System, Certificate NO.:00110Q20589R2S/3302

Product Introduction
Model Rule
50HZ 15 Elevator A/C
50HZ 25 Elevator A/C
50HZ 32 Elevator A/C
60HZ Elevator A/C
R407C Environmental Elevator A/C
R410A High Effiency Environmental Elevator A/C
Split Elevator A/C
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